Recent and current projects

Visual scene understanding [more]

  • Unsupervised domain adaptation for semantic segmentation and object detection
  • Multi-sensor fusion
  • Semantic 3D reconstruction (coll. with Phil Torr’s group at University of Oxford)

Face modeling [more]

(coll. with Christian Theobalt’s group at MPI)

  • Personnalized face rig extraction and tracking
  • Photo-real face editing and retargeting
  • Fast 3D face models from photos with deep learning

Dynamic visual content analysis [more]

  • Visual tracking
  • Segmentation of video objects
  • Analaysis of visual dynamics (coll. with Patrick Bouthemy at Inria)

Graph signal processing and learning [more]

  • Structured sampling on graph
  • ConvNets on graphs
  • Deep solvers for fast and flexible style transfer

Visual inpainting [more]

  • Robust patch-based video inpainting (coll. with Andrés Almansa and Yann Gousseau at Telecom ParisTech)
  • Structural image inpainting with context encoders
  • Face inpainting

Large scale indexing and sketching [more]

  • Beyond product quantization for image indexing (coll. with Joaquin Zepeda at Amazon)
  • Sketching for large scale unsupervised learning (coll. with Rémi Gribonval at Inria)
  • Cross-modal search with deep text-semantic embeddings (coll. with Matthieu Cord at UPMC)

Audio modeling and processing [more]

  • Informed source separation
  • Audio inpainting and declipping, speech inpainting
  • Deep audio style transfer