Articles in conferences

Selection since 2010 (complete list on Scholar)

Structural inpainting
Vo Van Huy, N. Duong, P. Pérez
ACM Multimedia 2018

Deep video portraits
H. Kim, P. Garrido, A. Tewari, W. Xu, J. Thies, M. Niessner, P. Pérez, Ch. Richardt, M. Zollhöfer, Ch. Theobalt
Siggraph 2018 [page,video]

State of the art on monocular 3D face Reconstruction, tracking, and applications
M. Zollhoefer, J. Thies, P. Garrido, D. Bradley, T.Beeler, P. Pérez, M. Stamminger, M. Niessner, Ch. Theobalt
State of Art Report, EG 2018 [page]

Finding beans in burgers: Deep semantic-visual embedding with localization
M. Engilberge, L. Chevallier, M. Cord, P. Pérez
CVPR 2018 [code]

Learning a complete image indexing pipeline
H. Jain, J. Zepeda, P. Pérez, R. Gribonval
CVPR 2018

Self-supervised multi-level face model learning for monocular reconstruction at over 250 Hz
A. Tewari, M. Zollhöfer, P. Garrido, F. Bernard, H. Kim, P. Pérez, Ch. Theobalt
CVPR 2018 [page,video]

MoFA: Model-based deep convolutional face autoencoder for unsupervised monocular reconstruction
A. Tewari, M. Zollhöfer, H. Kim, P. Garrido, F. Bernard, P. Pérez, Ch. Theobalt
ICCV 2017 [page,video]

Supervised structured binary codes for image search
H. Jain, J. Zepeda, R. Gribonval, P. Pérez
ICCV 2017 [code]

ROAM: a Rich Object Appearance Model with application to rotoscoping
O. Miksik, J.M. Pérez-Rua, Ph. Torr, P. Pérez
CVPR 2017 [page, code, video]

Kernel square-loss exemplar machines for image retrieval
R. Rezende, J. Zepeda, J. Ponce, F. Bach, P. Pérez
CVPR 2017 [code]

Unifying local and non-local signal processing with graph CNNs
G. Puy, S. Kitic, P. Pérez
Deep Learning on Irregular Domains 2017

Approximate search with quantized sparse representations
H. Jain, P. Pérez, R. Gribonval, J. Zepeda, H. Jégou
ECCV 2016

SPLeaP: Soft Pooling of Learned Parts for Image Classification
P. Kulkarni, F. Jurie, J. Zepeda, P. Pérez, L. Chevalier
ECCV 2016

Determining occlusions from space and time image reconstructions
J-M Pérez-Rua, T. Crivelli, P. Pérez., P. Bouthemy
CVPR 2016

Corrective 3D reconstruction of lips from monocular video
P. Garrido, M. Zolhöfer, C. Wu, D. Bradley, P. Pérez, Th. Beeler, Ch. Theobalt
SiggraphAsia 2016 [page, video]

Examplar SVM as visual feature encoder
J. Zepeda and P. Pérez
CVPR 2015

VDub - Modifying Face Video of Actors for Plausible Visual Alignment to a Dubbed Audiotrack
P. Garrido, L. Valgaerts, H. Sarmadi, I. Steiner, K. Varanasi, P. Pérez, C. Theobalt
EuroGraphics 2015 [page]

The semantic paintbrush: Interactive 3D mapping and recognition in large outdoor spaces
O. Miksik, V. Vineet, M. Lidegaard, R. Selvaraju, M. Niessner, S. Golodetz, S. Hicks, P. Pérez, S. Izadi, Ph. Torr
CHI 2015 [page]

Incremental dense multi-modal 3D scene reconstruction
O. Miksik, Y. Amar, V. Vineet, P. Pérez, Ph. Torr
IROS 2015

Incremental dense semantic stereo fusion for large-scale semantic scene reconstruction
V. Vineet, O. Miksik, M. Lidegaard, M. Niessner, S. Golodetz, V. Prisacariu, O. Kähler, D. Murray, S. Izadi, P. Pérez, Ph. Torr
ICRA 2015

Automatic face reenactment
P. Garrido, L.Valgaerts, O. Rehmsen, Th. Thormaehlen, P. Pérez, Ch. Theobalt
CVPR 2014 [page]

EPML: Expanded parts based metric learning for occlusion robust face verification
G. Sharma, F. Jurie, P. Pérez
ACCV 2014

Multi-View object segmentation in space and time
A. Djelouah, J.S. Franco, F. Le Clerc, P. Pérez and E. Boyer
ICCV 2013

Revisiting the VLAD image representation
J. Delhumeau, Ph.-H. Gosselin, H. Jégou and P. Pérez
ACM MultiMedia 2013

N-tuple color segmentation for multi-view silhouette extraction
A. Djellouah, J.S. Franco, F. Le Clerc, P. Pérez and E. Boyer
ECCV 2012

Reconstructing an image from its local descriptors
Ph. Weinzaepfel, H. Jégou and P. Pérez
CVPR 2011 [examples, unexpected pointer to this work here]

Aggregating local descriptors into a compact image representation
H. Jégou, M. Douze, C. Schmid and P.Pérez
CVPR 2010 [code]

Compact video description for copy detection with precise temporal alignment
M. Douze, H. Jégou, C. Schmid, P.Pérez
ECCV 2010