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Selection since 2010 (complete list on Scholar)

PointBeV: A sparse approach to BeV predictions
L. Chambon, E. Zablocki, M. Chen, F. Bartoccioni, P. Pérez, M. Cord
CVPR 2024 [code]

A simple recipe for language-guided domain generalized segmentation
M. Fahes, T.H. Vu, A. Bursuc, P. Pérez, R. de Charette
CVPR 2024 [code]

Revisiting the distillation of image representations into point clouds for autonomous driving
G. Puy, S. Gidaris, A. Boulch, O. Siméoni, C. Sautier, P. Pérez, A. Bursuc, R. Marlet
CVPR 2024 [code]

Towards Motion Forecasting with Real-World Perception Inputs: Are End-to-End Approaches Competitive?
Y. Xu, L. Chambon, M. Chen, A. Alahi, M. Cord, P. Pérez
ICRA 2024 [code]

Decaf: Monocular Deformation Capture for Face and Hand Interactions
S. Shimada, V. Golyanik, P. Pérez, Ch. Theobalt
Siggrah Asia 2023 [page,dataset]

Resilient Multiple Choice Learning: A learned scoring scheme with application to audio scene analysis
V. Letzelter, M. Fontaine, M. Chen, P. Pérez, S. Essid, G. Richard
NeurIPS 2023 [code]

POP-3D: Open-Vocabulary 3D Occupancy Prediction from Images
A. Vobecky, O. Siméoni, D. Hurych, S. Gidaris, A. Bursuc, P. Pérez, J. Sivic
NeurIPS 2023 [page,code]

PØDA: Prompt-driven Zero-shot Domain Adaptation
M. Fahes, T.-H. Vu, A. Bursuc, P. Pérez, R. de Charette
ICCV 2023 [page,code]

OCTET: Object-aware Counterfactual Explanations
M. Zemni, M. Chen, É. Zablocki, H. Ben-Younes, P. Pérez, M. Cord
CVPR 2023 [code]

Unsupervised object localization: observing the background to discover objects
O. Siméoni, Ch. Sekkat, G. Puy, A. Vobecky, E. Zablocki, P. Pérez
CVPR 2023 [code]

Self-supervised learning with rotation-invariant kernels
L. Zheng, G. Puy, E. Riccietti, P. Pérez, R. Gribonval
ICLR 2023 [code

LaRa: Latents and Rays for multi-camera bird’s-eye-view semantic segmentation
F. Bartoccioni, É. Zablocki, A. Bursuc, P. Pérez, M. Cord, K. Alahari
CoRL 2022 [code]

Drive&Segment: Unsupervised semantic segmentation of urban scenes via cross-modal distillation
A. Vobecky, D. Hurych, O. Siméoni, S. Gidaris, A. Bursuc, P. Pérez, J. Sivic
ECCV 2022 [page,code,demo]

Active learning strategies for weakly-supervised object detection
O. Siméoni, S. Gidaris, A. Bursuc, P. Pérez, J. Ponce
ECCV 2022 [code]

STEEX: Steering Counterfactual Explanations with Semantics
P. Jacob, É. Zablocki, H. Ben-Younes, M. Chen, P. Pérez, M. Cord
ECCV 2022 [code]

HULC: 3D human motion capture with pose manifold sampling and dense contact guidance
S. Shimada, V. Golyanik, P. Pérez, W. Xu, Ch. Theobalt
ECCV 2022 [page, data, video]

Raw high-definition radar for multi-task learning
J. Rebut, A. Ouaknine, W. Malik, P. Pérez
CVPR 2022 [data, video]

Diverse probabilistic trajectory forecasting with admissibility constraints
L. Calem, H. Ben-Younes, P. Pérez, N. Thome
ICPR 2022

Localizing Objects with Self-Supervised Transformers and no Labels
O. Siméoni, G. Puy, H. V. Vo, S. Roburin, S. Gidaris, A. Bursuc, P. Pérez, R. Marlet, J. Ponce
BMVC 2021 [code,page]

Large-scale unsupervised object discovery
H.V. Vo, E. Sizikova, C. Schmid, P. Pérez, J. Ponce
NeurIPS 2021 [code]

Multi-view radar semantic segmentation
A. Ouaknine, A. Newson, P. Pérez, F. Tupin, J. Rebut
ICCV 2021 [code,page]

Multi-target adversarial frameworks for domain adaptationin in semantic segmentation
A. Saporta, T.H. Vu, M. Cord, P. Pérez
ICCV 2021 [code,page,video]

Neural monocular 3D human motion capture with physical awareness
S. Shimada, V. Golyanik, W. Xu, P. Pérez, Ch. Theobalt
Siggraph 2021 [page,video]

Semantic Palette: Guiding scene generation with class proportions
G. Le Moing, T.H. Vu, H. Jain, P. Pérez, M. Cord
CVPR 2021 [code,page,video]

Online bag-of-visual-words generation for unsupervised representation learning
S. Gidaris, A. Bursuc, G. Puy, N. Komodakis, M. Cord, P. Pérez
CVPR 2021 [code,page,video]

StyleLess layer: Improving robustness for real-world driving
J. Rebut, A. Bursuc, P. Pérez
IROS 2021 [page]

Artificial dummies for urban dataset augmentation
A. Vobecký, D. Hurych, M. Uricár, P. Pérez, J. Sivic
AAAI 2021 [code, page, talk]

CARRADA Dataset: Camera and Automotive Radar with Range-Angle-Doppler Annotations
A. Ouaknine, A. Newson, J. Rebut, F. Tupin, P. Pérez
ICPR 2020 [dataset]

PIE: Portrait Image Embedding for Semantic Control
A. Tewari, M. Elgharib, B. Mallikarjun, F. Bernard, H.P. Seidel, P. Pérez, M. Zollhöfer, Ch. Theobalt
SigAsia 2020 [page]

QuEST: Quantized Embedding Space for Transferring knowledge
H. Jain, S. Gidaris, N. Komodakis, P. Pérez, M. Cord
ECCV 2020

Toward unsupervised, multi-object discovery in large-scale image collections
H. V. Vo, P. Pérez, J. Ponce
ECCV 2020 [code]

Learning Representations by Predicting Bags of Visual Words
S. Gidaris, A. Bursuc, N. Komodakis, P. Pérez, M. Cord
CVPR 2020

xMUDA: Cross-Modal Unsupervised Domain Adaptation for 3D Semantic Segmentation
M. Jaritz, T.H. Vu, R. de Charette, E. Wirbel, P. Pérez
CVPR 2020 [code]

StyleRig: Rigging StyleGAN for 3D control over portrait images
A. Tewari, M. Elgharib, G. Bharaj, F. Bernard, H.P. Seidel, P. Pérez, M. Zollhöfer, Ch. Theobalt
CVPR 2020 [page]

The Missing Data Encoder: Cross-channel image completion with hide-and-seek adversarial network
A. Dapogny, M. Cord, P. Pérez
AAAI 2020 [code]

This dataset does not exist: training models from generated images
V. Besnier, H. Jain, A. Bursuc, M. Cord, P. Pérez

Addressing failure detection by learning model confidence
Ch. Corbière, N. Thome, A. Bar-Hen, M. Cord, P. Pérez
NeurIPS 2019 [code]

Zero-Shot Semantic Segmentation
M. Bucher, T.-H. Vu, M. Cord, P. Pérez
NeurIPS 2019 [code]

DADA: Depth-aware Domain Adaptation in semantic segmentation
T.-H. Vu, H. Jain, M. Bucher, M. Cord, P. Pérez
ICCV 2019 [code]

Boosting few-shot visual learning with self-supervision
S. Gidaris, A. Bursuc, N. Komodakis, P. Pérez, M. Cord
ICCV 2019 [code]

WoodScape: A multi-task, multi-camera fisheye dataset for autonomous driving
S. Yogamani, C. Hughes, J. Horgan, G. Sistu, P. Varley, D. O’Dea, M. Uricar, S. Milz, M. Simon, K. Amende, Ch. Witt, H. Rashed, S. Chennupati, S. Nayak, S. Mansoor, X. Perroton, P. Pérez
ICCV 2019 [page]

AdvEnt: Adversarial Entropy minimization for domain adaptation in semantic segmentation
T.-H. Vu, H. Jain, M. Bucher, M. Cord, P. Pérez
CVPR 2019 [blog,code]

FML: Face Model Learning from Videos
A. Tewari, F. Bernard, P. Garrido, G. Bharaj, M. Elgharib, H.-P. Seidel, P. Pérez, M. Zollhöfer, Ch. Theobalt
CVPR 2019 [page]

A flexible convolutional solver with application to photorealistic style transfer
G. Puy, P. Pérez
CVPR 2019

Unsupervised image matching and object discovery as optimization
H. V. Vo, F. Bach, M. Cho, K. Han, Y. LeCun, P. Pérez, J. Ponce
CVPR 2019 [code]

SoDeep: a Sorting Deep net to learn ranking loss surrogates
M. Engilberge, L. Chevallier, M. Cord, P. Pérez
CVPR 2019 [code]

Structural inpainting
H. V. Vo, N. Duong, P. Pérez
ACM Multimedia 2018

Deep video portraits
H. Kim, P. Garrido, A. Tewari, W. Xu, J. Thies, M. Niessner, P. Pérez, Ch. Richardt, M. Zollhöfer, Ch. Theobalt
Siggraph 2018 [page,video]

State of the art on monocular 3D face Reconstruction, tracking, and applications
M. Zollhoefer, J. Thies, P. Garrido, D. Bradley, T.Beeler, P. Pérez, M. Stamminger, M. Niessner, Ch. Theobalt
State of Art Report, EG 2018 [page]

Finding beans in burgers: Deep semantic-visual embedding with localization
M. Engilberge, L. Chevallier, M. Cord, P. Pérez
CVPR 2018 [code]

Learning a complete image indexing pipeline
H. Jain, J. Zepeda, P. Pérez, R. Gribonval
CVPR 2018

Self-supervised multi-level face model learning for monocular reconstruction at over 250 Hz
A. Tewari, M. Zollhöfer, P. Garrido, F. Bernard, H. Kim, P. Pérez, Ch. Theobalt
CVPR 2018 [page,video]

Audio style transfer
E Grinstein, N Duong, A Ozerov, P Pérez

MoFA: Model-based deep convolutional face autoencoder for unsupervised monocular reconstruction
A. Tewari, M. Zollhöfer, H. Kim, P. Garrido, F. Bernard, P. Pérez, Ch. Theobalt
ICCV 2017 [page,video]

SuBIC: A supervised structured binary codes for image search
H. Jain, J. Zepeda, R. Gribonval, P. Pérez
ICCV 2017 [code]

ROAM: a Rich Object Appearance Model with application to rotoscoping
O. Miksik, J.M. Pérez-Rua, Ph. Torr, P. Pérez
CVPR 2017 [page, code, video]

Kernel square-loss exemplar machines for image retrieval
R. Rezende, J. Zepeda, J. Ponce, F. Bach, P. Pérez
CVPR 2017 [code]

Unifying local and non-local signal processing with graph CNNs
G. Puy, S. Kitic, P. Pérez
Deep Learning on Irregular Domains 2017

Motion informed audio source separation
S Parekh, S Essid, A Ozerov, N Duong, P Pérez, G Richard

Approximate search with quantized sparse representations
H. Jain, P. Pérez, R. Gribonval, J. Zepeda, H. Jégou
ECCV 2016

SPLeaP: Soft Pooling of Learned Parts for Image Classification
P. Kulkarni, F. Jurie, J. Zepeda, P. Pérez, L. Chevalier
ECCV 2016

Determining occlusions from space and time image reconstructions
J-M Pérez-Rua, T. Crivelli, P. Pérez., P. Bouthemy
CVPR 2016

Corrective 3D reconstruction of lips from monocular video
P. Garrido, M. Zolhöfer, C. Wu, D. Bradley, P. Pérez, Th. Beeler, Ch. Theobalt
SiggraphAsia 2016 [page, video]

Sketching for large-scale learning of mixture models
N Keriven, A Bourrier, R Gribonval, P Pérez

Examplar SVM as visual feature encoder
J. Zepeda and P. Pérez
CVPR 2015

VDub - Modifying Face Video of Actors for Plausible Visual Alignment to a Dubbed Audiotrack
P. Garrido, L. Valgaerts, H. Sarmadi, I. Steiner, K. Varanasi, P. Pérez, C. Theobalt
EuroGraphics 2015 [page]

Learning the structure of deep architectures using l1 regularization
P. Kulkarni, J. Zepeda, F. Jurie, P. Pérez, L. Chevallier
BMVC 2015

The semantic paintbrush: Interactive 3D mapping and recognition in large outdoor spaces
O. Miksik, V. Vineet, M. Lidegaard, R. Selvaraju, M. Niessner, S. Golodetz, S. Hicks, P. Pérez, S. Izadi, Ph. Torr
CHI 2015 [page]

Incremental dense multi-modal 3D scene reconstruction
O. Miksik, Y. Amar, V. Vineet, P. Pérez, Ph. Torr
IROS 2015

Incremental dense semantic stereo fusion for large-scale semantic scene reconstruction
V. Vineet, O. Miksik, M. Lidegaard, M. Niessner, S. Golodetz, V. Prisacariu, O. Kähler, D. Murray, S. Izadi, P. Pérez, Ph. Torr
ICRA 2015

Hybrid multi-layer Deep CNN/Aggregator feature for image classification
P. Kulkarni, J. Zepeda, F. Jurie, P. Pérez, L. Chevallier

Joint audio inpainting and source separation
C Bilen, A Ozerov, P Pérez
LVA/ICA 2015

Compressive sampling-based informed source separation
C Bilen, A Ozerov, P Pérez

Audio declipping via nonnegative matrix factorization
C Bilen, A Ozerov, P Pérez

Automatic face reenactment
P. Garrido, L.Valgaerts, O. Rehmsen, Th. Thormaehlen, P. Pérez, Ch. Theobalt
CVPR 2014 [page]

EPML: Expanded parts based metric learning for occlusion robust face verification
G. Sharma, F. Jurie, P. Pérez
ACCV 2014

Distributed non-convex ADMM-inference in large-scale random fields
O. Miksik, V. Vineet, P. Pérez, Ph. Torr
BMVC 2014

Some faces are more equal than others: Hierarchical organization for accurate and efficient large-scale identity-based face retrieval
B. Bhattarai, G. Sharma, F. Jurie, P. Pérez
ECCVw 2014

Accurate disparity estimation for plenoptic images
N. Sabater, M. Seifi, V. Drazic, G. Sandri, P. Pérez
ECCVw 2014

Disparity-guided demosaicking of light field images
M. Seifi, N. Sabater, V. Drazic, P. Pérez
ICIP 2014

Multi-View object segmentation in space and time
A. Djelouah, J.S. Franco, F. Le Clerc, P. Pérez and E. Boyer
ICCV 2013

Revisiting the VLAD image representation
J. Delhumeau, Ph.-H. Gosselin, H. Jégou and P. Pérez
ACM MultiMedia 2013

Towards fast, generic video inpainting
A. Newson, A. Almansa, M. Fradet, Y. Gousseau, P. Pérez
CVMP 2013

Compressive Gaussian mixture estimation
A. Bourrier, R. Gribonval, P. Pérez

Adaptive multi-modal particle filtering for probabilistic white matter tractography
A Stamm, O Commowick, C Barillot, P Pérez
IPMI 2013

On evaluating face tracks in movies
A. Ozerov, J.R. Vigouroux, L. Chevallier, P. Pérez
ICIP 2013

N-tuple color segmentation for multi-view silhouette extraction
A. Djellouah, J.S. Franco, F. Le Clerc, P. Pérez and E. Boyer
ECCV 2012

Multi-step flow fusion: towards accurate and dense correspondences in long video shots
T. Crivelli, P.-H. Conze, Ph. Robert, M. Fradet, P. Pérez
BMVC 2012

A new multi-fiber model for low angular resolution diffusion MRI
A.Stamm, P.Pérez, Ch. Barillot
ISBI 2012

Hybrid template and block matching algorithm for image intra prediction
S. Cherigui, Ch. Guillemot, D. Thoreau, Ph. Guillotel, P. Pérez

Reconstructing an image from its local descriptors
Ph. Weinzaepfel, H. Jégou and P. Pérez
CVPR 2011 [examples, unexpected pointer to this work here]

Joint pose estimation and action recognition in image graphs
K Raja, I Laptev, P Pérez, L Oisel
ICIP 2011

Aggregating local descriptors into a compact image representation
H. Jégou, M. Douze, C. Schmid and P.Pérez
CVPR 2010 [code]

Compact video description for copy detection with precise temporal alignment
M. Douze, H. Jégou, C. Schmid, P.Pérez
ECCV 2010