QuEST: Quantized Embedding Space for Transferring knowledge
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Toward unsupervised, multi-object discovery in large-scale image collections
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FLOT: Scene Flow estimation by Learned Optimal Transport on point clouds
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ECCV 2020

Few-shot object detection and viewpoint estimation for objects in the wild
Y. Xiao, R. Marlet
ECCV 2020

Pixel-Pair Occlusion Relationship Map (P2ORM): Formulation, inference & application
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ECCV 2020

TRADI: Tracking deep neural network weight distributions
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Small-Task Incremental Learning
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Learning representations by predicting bags of visual words
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xMUDA: Cross-Modal Unsupervised Domain Adaptation for 3D semantic segmentation
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End-to-end model-free reinforcement learning for urban driving using implicit affordances
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Approximating shapes in images with low-complexity polygons
M. Li, F. Lafarge, R. Marlet
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StyleRig: Rigging StyleGAN for 3D control over portrait images
A. Tewari, M. Elgharib, G. Bharaj, F. Bernard, H.P. Seidel, P. Pérez, M. Zollhöfer, Ch. Theobalt
CVPR 2020

The Missing Data Encoder: Cross-channel image completion with hide-and-seek adversarial network
A. Dapogny, M. Cord, P. Pérez
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This dataset does not exist: training models from generated images
V. Besnier, H. Jain, A. Bursuc, M. Cord, P. Pérez

Dynamic task weighting methods for multi-task networks in autonomous driving systems
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ConvPoint: continuous convolution for point cloud processing
A. Boulch
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ESL: Entropy-guided Self-supervised Learning for Domain Adaptation in Semantic Segmentation
A. Saporta, T.H. Vu, M. Cord, P. Pérez
Workshop CVPR 2020


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DADA: Depth-aware Domain Adaptation in semantic segmentation
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Boosting few-shot visual learning with self-supervision
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AdvEnt: Adversarial Entropy minimization for domain adaptation in semantic segmentation
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FML: Face Model Learning from Videos
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A flexible convolutional solver with application to photorealistic style transfer
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Unsupervised image matching and object discovery as optimization
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SoDeep: a Sorting Deep net to learn ranking loss surrogates
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Dense classification and implanting for few-shot learning
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Generating classification weights with gnn denoising autoencoders for few-shot learning
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Optimal solving of constrained path-planning problems with graph convolutional networks and optimized tree search
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Surface Reconstruction from 3D Line Segments
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Advanced Pedestrian Dataset Augmentation for Autonomous Driving
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