Granted patents

  1. Method and MRI device to detect a direction of at least one fiber in a body [INRIA]
    A. Stamm, Ch. Barillot, P. Pérez. US Patent 8,907,671. 2015
  2. Generating a binary descriptor representing an image patch [Thomson]
    V. Demoulin, S. Saha, L. Oisel, P. Pérez. US Patent 8,687,892. 2014

  3. Device and method for online storage, transmission device and method, and receiving device and method [Thomson]
    L. Montalvo, N Le Scouarnec, S. Defrance, F. Lefebvre, P. Pérez. WO Patent 2,012,093,216. 2012
  4. Method for segmenting video segments [Thomson]
    M Fradet, P Robert, P Perez. EP Patent 2,27,144. 2011
  5. Device and method for tracking an object in a sequence of frames [Thomson]
    V Badrinarayanan, F Le Clerc, P Perez, L Oisel. EP Patent 2,175,421. 2010
  6. Image region filling by exemplar-based inpainting [Microsoft]
    A Criminisi, P Perez, K Toyama, M Gangnet, A Blake. US Patent 7,551,181. 2009
  7. Methods and system for providing image object boundary definition by particle filtering [Microsoft]
    A Blake, M Gangnet, P Perez. US Patent 7,391,906. 2008
  8. Color gradient paths [Microsoft]
    M. Gangnet, M Kallay, A. Wu, E. Stollnitz, D. Strawn, J. Lounsbery, P. Pérez. US Patent 7,427,994. 2006
  9. Image region filling by example-based tiling [Microsoft]
    P Pérez, M Gangnet, A Blake. US Patent 7,088,870. 2006
  10. Image blending by guided interpolation [Microsoft]
    P. Pérez, M. Gangnet, A. Blake. US Patent 6,856,705. 2005

Filed applications

  1. Method and device for refocusing at least one plenoptic video.
    Pierre Hellier, Valerie Allie, Patrick Perez. US Patent App. 16/063,273.
  2. Method and Apparatus for Generating Codebooks for Efficient Search.
    H. Jain, C. Bilen, J. Zepeda, P. Perez. US Patent App. 15/772,227.
  3. Methods and apparatus for learning palette dictionaries for device-ready example-guided recolorization.
    Hellier, Sabater, Pérez. US Patent App. 15/523,713.
  4. Method for processing an input signal and corresponding electronic device, non-transitory computer readable program product and computer readable storage medium.
    S. Parekh, A. Ozerov, QKN. Duong, G. Richard, S. Essid, P. Pérez. US Patent App. 15/956,021.
  5. Method of refocusing images captured by a plenoptic camera and audio based refocusing image system.
    V Allie, P Hellier, QKN Duong, P Perez. US Patent App. 15/764,032.
  6. Method and apparatus for object tracking and segmentation via background tracking.
    T. Crivelli, J.M. Perez Rua, P. Pérez. US Patent App. 15/314,497.
  7. Method for performing audio restauration, and apparatus for performing audio restauration.
    C. Bilen, A. Ozerov, P. Pérez. US Patent App. 15/564,378.
  8. Method of and system for determining and selecting media representing event diversity.
    P. Hellier, F. Urban, P. Pérez. US Patent App. 15/315,590.
  9. Method and device for encoding multiple audio signals, and method and device for decoding a mixture of multiple audio signals with improved separation.
    C. Bilen, A. Ozerov, P. Pérez. US Patent App. 15/564,633.
    QKN. Duong, G. Puy, A. Ozerov, P. Pérez. US Patent App. 15/697,875.
  11. Method to determine chromatic component of illumination sources of an image.
    S. Duchene, T. Pouli, P. Pérez. US Patent App. 15/591,570.
  12. Image recognition using descriptor pruning.
    JZ Salvatierra, R Aakanksha, P Perez. US Patent App. 15/509,973.
  13. Method and apparatus for image retrieval with feature learning.
    JZ Salvatierra, P Perez, R Aakanksha. US Patent App. 15/509,599.
  14. Method of determination of stable zones within an image stream, and portable device for implementing the method.
    J Zepeda, P Perez. US Patent App. 15/326,477.
  15. Method for selecting a content comprising audiovisual data and corresponding electronic device, system, computer readable program product and computer readable storage medium.
    F Lefebvre, J Himalaya, P Perez. US Patent App. 15/393,207.
  16. Method of characterizing molecular diffusion within a body from a set of diffusion-weighted magnetic resonance signals and apparatus for carrying out such a method.
    P Perez, O Commowick, C Barillot, A Stamm. US Patent App. 15/104,218.
  17. Method and apparatus for determining an orientation of a video.
    CH Demarty, L Oisel, P Perez. US Patent App. 15/122,167.
  18. Method for inpainting a target area in a target video.
    A Newson, A Almansa, M Fradet, Y Gousseai, P Perez. US Patent App. 15/112,572.
  19. Method and apparatus for controlling example-based image manipulation.
    P Hellier, N Sabater, P Perez. US Patent App. 14/899,811.
  20. Method for obtaining a mega-frame image fingerprint for image fingerprint based content identification, method for identifying a video sequence, and corresponding device.
    F Lefebvre, JZ Salvatierra, P Perez. US Patent App. 14/786,983.
  21. Segmentation of a foreground object in a 3d scene.
    A Djelouah, P Perez, F Le Clerc, J Franco, E Boyer. US Patent App. 14/404,578.
  22. Method and system of audio retrieval and source separation.
    A Ozeroz, P Perez, L Chevallier, L Oisel. US Patent App. 14/578,333.
  23. Synchronized movie summary.
    L Oisel, J Zepeda, L Chevallier, P Perez, P Hellier. US Patent App. 14/411,347.
  24. Image descriptor for media content.
    P Perez, JS Zepeda. US Patent App. 14/406,204.
  25. Filtering a displacement field between video frames.
    P Robert, TE Crivelli, PH Conze, M Fradet, P Perez. US Patent App. 14/382,689
  26. Video navigation through object location.
    L .Chevallier, P. Pérez, A. Lambert. WO Patent 2,012,171,839.